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Holidays summer 2014

Excellent weather for beach holidays in this period is in Malta. The hottest time of the end of the summer season, but still there is never a feeling of unbearable heat. In addition, the average sea temperature is +23 ° C. Active Youth rest is all water sports enthusiasts. Malta yachting regatta held annually, always go sailing, you can also ride the waves, having rented a surfboard. In addition, if you think about where to rest safely in the summer sea, Malta is just perfect for you. There are no military bases, ethnic and religious conflicts, and virtually no crime.
Places where there is a break in the summer 2013
Places where there is a break in the summer 2013. Holidays summer 2013.
Cyprus - an island garden, where history comes to life and myths. Cypriots are very hospitable people, who like to have fun and organize festivals. For each type of recreation is there entertainment: whether it be children, family vacation or a holiday for young people. Every resort in Cyprus is ready to give you happy moments every day. 

Arsenic - the oldest town in Cyprus, where the beaches and ancient treasures are located nearby. Lima's sol - the most popular resort, where to go during the summer suggest that everyone, in fact there is everything for a successful holiday. Net calm sea, endless beaches, souvenir shops and, of course, plenty of cafes and discotheques. Asia Na pa - the most gay resort, which has earned the title "Cyprus Las Vegas." Pathos suit lover’s amenities of a modern resort in combination with the study of the historical sights. Porters - the best option for those looking primarily a beach holiday. 

Exotic destinations 

The soul wants to exotic. In addition, your budget allows you to travel to distant countries and spend a large sum. Feel free to choose a holiday in Bali or on the island of Madagascar. You can also choose a relaxing and romantic holiday for two or with a child in the Seychelles or the Dominican Republic. 

Unforgettable vacation awaits you on a unique island of the Caribbean - Jamaica. Birthplace of reggae and rum with great beaches. In Jamaica, a stunning seaside holiday in the summer, though prices are high enough, and leave there will not be cheap. However, this does not prevent large numbers of tourists come here every year. The annual average temperature even in the "cold" months of holding about 24-26 ° C, approximately the same temperature of water near the coast. In the very same hot days comfortable beach holiday makes a light sea breeze. 
Leading resorts are Monte go Bay, Coho Rios, Port Antonio, En grail, and White House Bay. For those who want to learn more about the country, we advise to pay attention to their favourite sightseeing tours. Visiting the Duns River Falls, a trip on a catamaran along the picturesque coastline, a walk through the capital of Kingston and its historical part, where you can go to the house-museum of Bob Marley. You will also be remembered trips to sugar cane plantations in the Belvedere and the factory of the famous Jamaican rum. 

Hard to believe in the existence of an earthly paradise, until you see with your own eyes the Maldives. However, for Russians to enter this fantastic place visa if your stay is less than 30 days. In addition to a relaxing family vacation on the islands can do more outdoor activity, for example, go for deep-sea fishing. 

Fishing is carried on a specially equipped boat, equipped with a spinning rod, and after your catch can be prepared for an additional fee. You can still go into the Indian Ocean to watch the dolphins or take a romantic trip in a boat Downey, during which you can enjoy a tropical sunset. Exciting adventure will fly by seaplane, which lasts 15 minutes, but this time enough to enjoy the sights and take pictures of beautiful islands and coral reefs. 

Family travel - it is a good, fair tradition. Due to the development of world tourism, travel with children in foreign countries ceased to be a risky and burdensome. Parents today, choosing where to rest on the sea with her baby, are not limited to domestic resorts, and happy to go to many different countries. It may be European, Arab, African or Asian states - all depends on the purpose of travel and budget for it. 

Planning a family vacation, many Russian tourists choose where to have a rest in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Egypt, and invariably return to the favourite resorts and the coast, where there is everything for a comfortable, pleasant accommodation and interesting, fun entertainment. Kids are delighted by the journey, and their parents very well restore strength and improve health. 

Experts of the tourist market vying claim that now in vogue include Croatia and Montenegro. The two former Yugoslav republics are threatening to themselves seduce all paying tourists. In addition, honestly, that is where. Clear Adriatic Sea, mountains and pine trees, and most importantly - the amazing views of many islands, literally scattered along the coast. Even the noisy Italians prefer to rest here - because for them it is cheaper. 

- If you prefer a family vacation away from the hustle and bustle, then choose the island of Solis in Croatia - suggested director of travel agencies 'Extravaganza' Igor Zakharenko. - Better not be found. Indeed, Croatia and Montenegro are now popular. Two weeks in Croatia by bus will cost from 350 to 490 Euro. Aircraft are more expensive - ten days will cost 400-610 Euro. 

Other tour operators call rates from 700 to 800 Euro for a two-week vacation in Croatia and Montenegro. 

- So far, our tourists are prices seem high, although this trend is becoming more popular, - says Galena Skulked, manager of the firm 'Gamely'. - But in Croatia, beautiful nature, and there is not very hot. 

If you are thinking, then carefully examine what beaches are close to your hotel in Croatia. This country is very rocky, so sometimes instead of the pebble beach would be a concrete slab, and descend into the sea will have on the stairs, there are just as deeply. For young children, it is not very suitable. However, in Montenegro beaches are wide and sandy. 

If you do not want to fry in the hot sun, the best way to go, for example, in the Baltic’s. Previously, she was the most fashionable resort in the Soviet. During these years the Baltic countries has become even better. Over two weeks have gone tan dash off a bike, and urinalyses sea, lying in the dunes. 

- Baltic States are from 300 Euro. There are excellent spas, there loves to ride young people and those who do not like heat - continues Igor Zakharenko. - But there is another country on the Baltic coast - this is Poland. We have learned that in Poland you can only go skiing or iceboats. However, there because there are beaches. Think of Soot, and still Glans and Genial. 

From expensive resorts hit of the summer will be the island of Corsica. Week of a holiday will cost from € 1000. Slightly cheaper d'Azur and Paris.

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